The most economical and flexible equestrian rug dryer on the market

Industry Leading Build Quality

  • Featuring an ‘easybleed’ blow valves designed to release excessive pressure making the process of preparing for testing & certifying much easier.
  • The new control box can be easily screwed onto a wall or remain mounted on the dryer
  • Runs from a single 13amp plug
  • Improved mobility with 200mm wheels and robust axle
  • Filled with a long lasting antifreeze/water mix this takes the worry out of leaving the dryer in a sub zero environment.

Efficient Drying System

Our rug dryers are manufactured from the finest ‘Big Bore’ steel tubing meaning much faster drying times and reach optimum temperature in just under 15 minutes. The dryers have an amazing ability to dry a soaking-wet rug in under 5 hours. The new design is higher than ever before ensuring the rugs do not touch the floor.

The EcoDri dryer eliminates the need for using tumble dryer which subjects your rugs to very high temperatures. This can compromise the waterproof coating and cause shrinkage. The lifespan of your rugs is therefore significantly prolonged making the EcoDri dryer a wise investment.